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Preparing the Installation

There are several ways that you can prepare the EXTRA! X-treme installation to suit your environment prior to end user installation. These include:

  • Changing default values provided in the MSI file for installation options
  • Adding files to the installation. To create configuration files, see Setting up Secure Connections in EXTRA X-treme 9.x.
  • Creating a batch file to facilitate installing EXTRA! X-treme from the command-line
  • Advertising the installation or installing through group policy

    Note: To install EXTRA! X-treme directly, users must have administrative rights; however, you can make EXTRA! available to restricted users by advertising the installation or through group policy.

For more detailed information, refer to the following topics:

Customizing the installation. Instructions for creating a transform file that provides new default values for installation options and global preferences. With transform files, you can add preconfigured sessions and other files.

Preparing an administrative installation of EXTRA! X-treme. Instructions that show how to make the EXTRA! X-treme installation available from a network location for later installation by users.

Installing EXTRA! X-treme to run from a network location. Instructions for installing EXTRA! X-treme to a network server and distributing additional required files to local computers.

Installing EXTRA! X-treme through a group policy. Information about using the Microsoft Group Policies feature to assign an EXTRA! X-treme installation to users or computers, or to publish an installation to users.

Setting up an advertised installation. A procedure that describes how to advertise EXTRA! X-treme to users. (An advertised installation causes an EXTRA! X-treme shortcut to appear on the Start menu. EXTRA! is installed when the user clicks the shortcut.)