What's New in EXTRA! X-treme

This edition of EXTRA! X-treme provides a range of significant enhancements, including:

Microsoft Windows Vista Certification

Microsoft Windows Vista certification ensures that EXTRA! X-treme provides increased security, compatibility with next-generation platforms (including 64-bit), more successful installation experiences, and improved application stability.

Reflection Secure FTP Client

The Crypto module included with the Reflection Secure FTP client meets the stringent FIPS 140-2 security requirements, allowing encryption of file transfers using industry standard SSL/TLS or SSH protocols.

SSH Keyboard Interactive Authentication

SSH keyboard interactive authentication aids the administrator in implementing more stringent security requirements for VT host sessions by preventing the user from saving passwords on his or her machine, and requiring that users enter a password when attempting to connect to a UNIX host.

Default Telnet Application Feature

For Telnet applications, you can now make EXTRA! your default browser.

Keyboard Autoreset Option

When this option is selected, if you inadvertently type in a protected field, EXTRA! automatically issues a keyboard reset, moves to the next unprotected field, and then enters your text.

Productivity Pane Focus

Use the keyboard to switch focus between an EXTRA! session and the Productivity pane.

Word Wrap Feature

For 3270 sessions, you can now select to allow word wrap functionality within a multi-line field.

EHLLAPI Functions

The following EHLLAPI functions have been implemented:

  80 Start Communication Notification
  81 Query Communication Event
  82 Stop Communication Notification
  For more information about EHLLAPI, refer to the IBM SDK documentation.
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