Overview: Installation

Planning your installation involves understanding which components to install on which servers or clients, and the way to handle issues such as load balancing. Review the terms of your license agreement before installing any components. You might have to purchase additional licenses to install certain components on separate computers.

To ensure a smooth installation process and to optimize the performance of your Attachmate components, you can prepare by reviewing these topics:

Installing EXTRA! X-treme

EXTRA! X-treme can be installed in six languages on Windows computers via the CD or a network, and the installation can be customized by a system administrator to suit organizational requirements as needed. For example, a system administrator might add files such as session configurations or layouts, edit default values for installation options, change or add registry entries, and so on.

Note If you choose a custom setup, the option This Feature will be Installed When Required is not supported in this version of EXTRA! X-treme.
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