Installing EXTRA! X-treme from a Network Location

The system administrator can make EXTRA! X-treme available for installation from a network location, after which users can perform the installation by running either the appropriate .msi file or a Windows batch file that has been created for that purpose.

To install EXTRA! from a network location
  1. Navigate to the network location specified by the system administrator.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Double-click ATMEE90.MSI to install it.

    • Choose Run from the Start menu, then enter the following command:

      msiexec /i pathname/ATMEE90.msi

      where pathname is the network path to the directory containing the EXTRA! X-treme installation files.

    • Run a batch file that has been specified by the system administrator.

      Batch files can contain additional command-line switches that control the behavior of the installation.

  3. Respond to the subsequent prompts.

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