Installing EXTRA! X-treme Through Group Policy

If you use Active Directory, EXTRA! X-treme can be deployed to Windows 2000 and Windows XP workstations using the Microsoft Group Policies feature, either as an assigned installation or a published installation.

If you assign an installation, its shortcuts appear on the Windows Start menu. However, the application is not installed until it is selected by a user. This is equivalent to advertising the installation. If the user deletes the shortcuts, they will reappear the next time the computer is started.

If you publish an installation, it is made available to be installed by users. Users can install the application using Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel, or when attempting to open a file that has been associated with the application.

Before attempting to deploy EXTRA! with group policies, you need to understand group policies and the Software Installation extension to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Group Policy Snap-in. For information, refer to the Microsoft documentation.

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