Command-line Options for Installing EXTRA! X-treme

You can use Microsoft Windows Installer to install EXTRA! X-treme from the command-line or a batch file. The following table describes some of the command-line options available from the Microsoft Windows Installer.

Note The Installer provides a variety of additional command-line options for customizing installations. For more information, see the Microsoft Windows Installer documentation.
Option Parameters Description
/a product.msi Administrative installation, copies a product to a network location for later installation by users.
/i product.msi Installs or configures a product.
/j [u|m] product.msi Advertises a product.

u - Advertises to the current user.

m - Advertises to all users of the computer.

Either u or m can be combined with /t to specify user installation in a specific language. For example:

/ju product.msi /t transforms file

Specify the transforms file for the language in which to display your installation prompts per the following:

Language Transforms File
English 1033.mst
French 1036.mst
German 1031.mst
Italian 1040.mst
Portuguese 1046.mst
Spanish 1034.mst
/l [i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v|x|+|!|*] logfile Specifies the path to the log file and indicates which information to log.

i - Status messages.

w - Nonfatal warnings.

e - All error messages.

a - Start up of actions.

r - Action-specific records.

u - User requests.

c - Initial UI parameters.

m - Out-of-memory or fatal exit information.

o - Out-of-disk-space messages.

p - Terminal properties.

v - Verbose output.

x - Extra debugging information.

+ - Append to existing file.

! - Flush each line to the log.

* - Log all information except for verbose output. To include verbose output, use /l*v.

/p patch.msi Applies a patch.

To apply a patch to an installed administrative image, combine /p with /a, as follows:

/p patch.msi /a product.msi

/q [n|b|r|f] Sets user interface level.

n - Suppresses all installation progress dialog boxes. Use to perform an unattended (silent) user installation.

Note Software licenses cannot be displayed during a silent install. Before making EXTRA! X-treme or Reflection Secure FTP available to users through a silent install, you must have first read and accepted the appropriate software license agreement.

b - Displays only a basic installation user interface.

qb+ Displays the Finish dialog box.
qb- Hides all modal dialog boxes.
qb! Hides the Cancel button.
  • The + or - option must appear before the ! option when typing the command, for example:


  • The ! option is available with Windows Installer version 2.0, and works only with basic UI.

r - Displays a reduced user interface, without a Finish dialog box.

f - Displays all of the installation dialog boxes, including the finish dialog box.

When you install from the command line, you can append properties that change default values for options in the installation. For more information, see Properties in the EXTRA! X-treme MSI File.

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