Installing EXTRA! X-treme from the CD

The following procedure explains how to install the EXTRA! X-treme client, including productivity features and administrative options, and must be performed at each workstation that will use these components. Users must have administrative rights; however, you can make EXTRA! available to restricted users by advertising the installation or through group policy.

Note The EXTRA! client components can be installed only in a Windows environment. For alternative methods of installing EXTRA! X-treme, see Installation, Overview.
To install EXTRA! from the CD
  1. Insert the CD labeled EXTRA! Emulation into the CD drive.

    If the setup utility does not run automatically, browse to the CD root directory and double-click install.exe.

  2. Select a language.

  3. Type the access code for your installation, and then click Next.

    The access code is located on the Attachmate Software License Agreement or the Attachmate Additional License Agreement.

  4. Respond to the subsequent prompts.

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