Overview: Adding Sessions to a Portal

You can integrate EXTRA! sessions with portals and other Web pages so those computers that have EXTRA! X-treme installed can access the session in a Web-based environment.

Integrating EXTRA! Sessions with Portals and other Web pages

EXTRA! X-treme installs with a small ActiveX control (referred to as the "launcher control"). If you have an existing portal to which you would like to add a session, you can call this control from the HTML code in your portal. The control opens EXTRA! X-treme and displays it in the portal (or, if you choose to do so, opens a new browser window and displays it there). You can define the basic behavior of this ActiveX control by setting its properties in a JavaScript added to the code in your Web page.

Scripting Integrated EXTRA! Sessions

By using the launcher control's session property and scripting, you can access the automation interfaces for EXTRA! X-treme. For example, if the launcher control's <OBJECT> name is "launcher," the following JavaScript sets the session's connected state to false (disconnects the session):


The following JavaScript sends text to the screen:

scrn = launcher.session.Screen();

A full description of the session object and all of its sub-objects is available in the Help installed with the EXTRA! X-treme client application in the following location:


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