Attachmate EXTRA! Terminal Viewers ActiveX Clients
Version 8

Release Notes
February 2005


EXTRA! Terminal Viewers from Attachmate allows you to provide secure access to mission-critical 3270, 5250, and VT host applications through a Web-based interface. Terminal Viewers is installed as a component of Attachmate Management & Control Services (MCS), which allows you to take advantage of common MCS functionality, such as directory services for managing users and groups. In addition, you can access and manage all host access configurations either locally or from a remote machine, and provide users and groups access to those configurations.

Installation Notes

Supported Client Platforms and Web Browsers

The Attachmate ActiveX Viewers can be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) v. 6.x.. They do not support Netscape Browsers.

Disk Space

If you are using an ActiveX Terminal or Printer with Microsoft Internet Explorer, to extract the ActiveX client CAB file and run it properly, you will need 10 MB of free disk space for one of these devices, or up to 24 MB of free disk space for both. The disk space requirement applies to FAT file systems; slightly less disk space is required for NTFS systems. If you do not have enough disk space available, the client will not install properly. However, no error messages will be displayed.

Prompt to Restart Windows

If the ActiveX setup program needs to replace a component that is currently in use, you will be prompted during the install to re-start your computer. Should this occur, save your work and close all other programs, then choose Yes in response to this prompt.

After Windows has restarted, start your Web browser, and open the presentation you were attempting to start before. This action will complete the ActiveX component install process, and your session should connect and display.

ActiveX Client Setup

If you respond with "No" in either of the following situations, the ActiveX client setup cancels, and a script error occurs.

Pre-caching Clients

To avoid potential delays caused by slow network connections when starting an ActiveX Viewer for the first time on a particular client computer, it may be preferable to install the ActiveX components directly from the Pre-Cached Browser-Based Emulation CD.

The following procedure places the ActiveX client files in the cache of the local browser, so that when a configuration is accessed only the details of that configuration are downloaded and the ActiveX Viewer is already installed.

To pre-cache EXTRA! ActiveX Terminal Viewers from the CD
  1. Insert the CD labeled Pre-Cached Browser-Based Emulation into the CD drive.

    If the setup utility does not run automatically, browse to the CD root directory and double-click autosetup.exe.

  2. Select Install Pre-Cached ActiveX Terminal Viewers.

  3. Select a language.

  4. Click Enterprise Edition.

  5. Click ActiveX Clients.

  6. Select the ActiveX client you wish to pre-cache.

    Your newly installed Terminal or Printer will not function until you connect to a Terminal Viewers server. If you do not know to which Terminal Viewers server to connect, or you have not been provided with a Web link to a Terminal Viewers server, please contact your System Administrator.

Once this is accomplished, you can start configurations from the myAccess Links page, and avoid the setup phase that would typically occur as a viewer is started for the first time.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Viewer

To uninstall and reinstall the viewer
  1. If you opened Internet Explorer to download the ActiveX Viewer, close Internet Explorer.

  2. Note If you have Internet Explorer open but you have not already downloaded the ActiveX Viewer, it is not necessary to close Internet Explorer.
  3. From the Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs, and then select Attachmate EXTRA! ActiveX Enterprise Viewer v.8.0.

  4. Repeat the instructions in the previous step to remove the Attachmate Custom Component Downloader.

  5. If you are running Internet Explorer with the Active Desktop, close and then restart Windows.

  6. Reinstall the ActiveX Viewer.

Euro Sign Support

The ActiveX Viewer supports the Euro sign character. However, for the Euro sign to function in the viewer, your PC operating system and the host computer must also support the Euro sign. You may need to update your system (fonts, keyboard support, and printer support, for example) to support the Euro currency sign.

Known Viewer Terminal Issues

Host Function Keys

For 3270 only, the host function keys DUP and FieldMark are not supported by the Attachmate ActiveX Viewer.

Known Printer Terminal Issues

Uppercase Printing and PCL Commands

If you are printing a file that contains PCL commands, do not select the option Print in UPPERCASE Characters. Because the commands are case-sensitive, selecting this option causes PCL Escape commands to be printed instead of sending them to the printer.

3270 Printer Escape Sequences

Printer escape sequences are not supported and should not be used. If used, strings entered will print on the page exactly as entered.