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Server Settings - Client Page

Java Terminal Viewer Caching

Note Caching settings apply only to Terminal Viewers Java configurations, and only when accessed by Internet Explorer.

Disabled: Prevents the Java files from being cached on the client.

On Demand: Caches only the core Java configuration files on the client, and downloads other Java files only when using certain features (such as the Keyboard Remapper). This saves disk space by not caching files that are used infrequently.

Cache All: Caches all Java files on the client.

Run Locally: Caches all Java files on the client, and launches locally without accessing the server. Creates a shortcut on the desktop for user ease.

Options: Displays the Installation Directory Options dialog box, which allows you to designate the installation destination of user data files associated with the locally cached terminal viewers, such as connection settings, macros, keyboard maps, and so on.

Select from Documents and Settings (default), Program Files, and Specify Location (when selected, you can enter a custom path on your local machine).

Ask User: Allows the user to specify the caching options on the Cache Preferences page (accessed by clicking Preferences on the myAccess Links page).

Enable Caching for Restricted Users Using Microsoft VM: Allows restricted users running the Microsoft Virtual Machine to cache files associated with the Java Terminal Applet.

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