Installation and Requirements
    System Requirements
    Choosing the Right Components to Install
    Installing EXTRA! X-treme
       Customizing the EXTRA! X-treme Installation
       Preparing EXTRA! X-treme for Installation
       Installing the EXTRA! X-treme Client
          EXTRA! X-treme Client Components
          Installing EXTRA! X-treme From the CD
          Installing EXTRA! X-treme From a Network Location
          Installing EXTRA! X-treme From the Command Line
          Distributing EXTRA! X-treme From MCS
          Installing the Connections or Options Pack
          Installing Tandem Emulation
    Installing MCS and Management Components
    Installing Terminal Viewers on the Client
    Installing Attachmate FTP File Transfer
    Installing SNA Gateway
    Uninstalling MCS and Management Components in UNIX
Setting Up Centralized Management
Managing EXTRA! X-treme
Managing Terminal Viewers
Deploying Clients in Presentations
Managing MCS Servers and Clusters
Monitoring Application Activity
Readme File
Contact Attachmate