Upgrading from Host Access Server or an Earlier Version of Terminal Viewers

Upgrading from Host Access Server

If you're currently using Host Access Server (HAS) v. 2.2.x, 2.3.x, or 2.4.x, install Terminal Viewers without first removing those products. Since Terminal Viewers uses a different directory structure than HAS, you can install it on the same server without adversely affecting your existing HAS installation. Users at your site can continue to use HAS until you are ready to roll out your Terminal Viewers release.

Upgrading from a Previous Version of Terminal Viewers

Caution The procedure to use for upgrading Terminal Viewers depends on which version of MCS you plan to install.

If you want to upgrade both your Terminal Viewer installation and EXTRA! X-treme managers and MCS, you'll need to:

  • use one of the following procedures, and then
  • follow the procedure for upgrading MCS with an existing version of Terminal Viewers.

If you will be using Terminal Viewers with MCS version 2.1 or earlier and do not plan to install EXTRA! X-treme version 8 or MCS version 2.2 on the same server, use only the applicable procedure below.

To upgrade the Terminal Viewers in a Windows environment
  • If you've been using Terminal Viewers from myEXTRA! Presentation Services v. 7.0 or v. 7.1, and Tomcat, WebSphere, or WebLogic as the application server, do not remove your existing installation. Instead, you'll need to install this release at your existing MCS server to ensure that all of your existing configuration data is retained. For instructions, see Installing on Windows.

To upgrade Terminal Viewers in a UNIX environment
  1. Back up any data you want to preserve.

  2. Uninstall your existing version.

  3. Install your new version.

  4. Restore your backed up data.

To provide access to the new Terminal Viewers
  1. When you're ready to roll out the new viewers, have all users remove all cached viewer or printer applet files at the client before using this release of Terminal Viewers.

  2. Provide users with the URL for the myAccess Links page as follows:


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