Managing User-Saved Preferences for ActiveX Viewers

Users of ActiveX Viewer can modify all properties of their assigned configurations to suit their individual needs, except for the Connection settings, which can be modified only by Administrators at the EXTRA! Terminal Viewers management console.

When a user saves these individual settings for display properties, printer properties, and so forth, a separate configuration file is created on the server containing the saved preferences. If individually saved settings for a particular user are available on the server when the request to launch a session is received, they are merged with the Administrator's original base configuration settings before delivery to the client.

To remove a user's custom settings, it is necessary to delete his or her settings files from the server manually. Each user's custom settings are kept in a folder under /mcs/data/(viewer type)/configurations/ with the same name as the configuration name, with the user's name as the file name. To administratively undo a user's customized preferences for a particular session configuration, delete the username.xml file from that folder.

For example, to remove Eva's custom settings for an ActiveX 3270 Terminal configuration, you would delete the following file, which means that the next time she launched the configuration, she would receive all the base settings originally configured by the administrator:


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