IBM Mainframe Terminal

For IBM Mainframe connectivity, you can configure regular (Java-based), HotGUI, ActiveX or Express terminals. HotGUI terminals have a GUI-style interface, as opposed to the traditional "green screen" interface. For Java, HotGUI, and ActiveX terminals, macros can be created from the client. For Express terminals, macros are created by the administrator as part of the configuration. For more information about Express terminals, see Express Terminal Viewers, Overview.

Terminals can print a host screen, but to print files, they require an association with a printer configuration. Associations are made on the host from the terminal configuration with the SLU name from the printer configuration.

Java and HotGUI Terminals

Java and HotGUI terminals allow you to choose the following configuration settings:

Regular and HotGUI terminal users can transfer files using IND$FILE or DISOSS. The terminals have configurable IND$FILE file transfer properties.

The client provides a macro editor, available from the Tools menu.

ActiveX Terminals

ActiveX terminals allow you to choose the following configuration settings:

The client provides macro actions, available from the Actions browser.

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