Enabling Licensing and Metering

To use the licensing and metering functions of Management & Control Services (MCS) with the viewers, you must first install the license certificate. To do this, you'll need the product CD, since these files are not installed with Terminal Viewers.

To install the license certificate
  1. Run MCS.

    This procedure assumes that you've already configured MCS. See the Setting Up Centralized Management topic for details.

  2. In the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Licensing.

  3. In the MCS left pane, under Licensing, click Configure Licensing.

  4. The Configure Licensing property pages appear in the MCS right pane.

  5. Click Certificates, and then click Add.

  6. Using the Open dialog box, locate the appropriate license certificate on the CD, and then click Open.
    For these viewers
    Use this file
    3270 Terminal
    3270 Printer
    3270 Express Terminal
    5250 Express Terminal
    VT Express Terminal

  7. When prompted, enter a description for the certificate and click OK, and then click OK to close the Certificate Install message box.

    The certificate is added to the certificate list. In addition, a Metering node and Terminal Viewers sub-node are added to the MCS Licensing tree. These nodes allow you to access metering information for the viewers and printer applets.

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