Removing an Action from a Key

You can remove actions one at a time by right-clicking and choosing Unmap Key, or all at once by reloading the default map.

To remove an action from a key
  1. In the MCS Selection panel, point to Products and then click Terminal Viewers.

  2. In the Terminal Viewers tree, choose a host type.

    The configuration types you can configure for the selected host type appear.

  3. If necessary, click Plus sign next to a configuration type to further expand the list of configuration types.

  4. Select a configuration type.

    The Configuration List page appears.

  5. Select a configuration from the list, then click the Properties button in the lower right corner of the window.

    The Properties of Configuration name page appears, showing the categories of properties that can be configured.

  6. From the Select Property to Configure list, select Keyboard, and then click the Configure button.

    The Keyboard Remapper appears.

  7. Right-click the key associated with the action you want to remove and click Unmap Key.

    This restores the key's default behavior. If you are removing an action from a combination keystroke (for example, a keystroke preceded by a modifier key such as Shift, Alt, or Ctrl), press the modifier key or key combination before right-clicking the key.

    Note To load the default keyboard map, click Default Map. This will remove all custom key mappings at once.
  8. Click OK.

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