Overview: Host Code Page Editor

EXTRA! provides a Host Code Page Editor for Double Byte Character Sets (DBCS) for the Java 3270 Terminal Viewer. Using this feature, you can create custom double-byte host code pages and add End-User Defined Characters (EUDCs). EUDCs can be used for terminal and printer sessions, and file transfer. Once you have created a custom code page, you can assign it to a Viewer configuration and make it available to your end users.

Using the Host Code Page Editor you can edit the HostCode, Unicode, and/or ANSI/DBCS code for a particular character. You can edit individual codes or a range of code values. The Editor's search feature lets you search for a particular character by its glyph, HostCode, Unicode, or ANSI/DBCS code.

See the following procedures for information on using the Host Code Page Editor:

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