Overview: Viewer API

The Attachmate Viewer Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of Java APIs that let you create JavaScript macros for use with 3270, 5250, or VT Express Terminal Viewers.

The complexity of the JavaScript macros that you write will depend on what you want the macros to accomplish. For example, a simple macro could log a user on to the server, while a complex macro could populate a single field by pulling information from different fields on different pages. Refer to the IScreenAPI interface documentation for a complete list of the fields and methods that are available to use in the macros that you write.

If you are customizing a viewer, you can invoke the JavaScript by mapping a keystroke to initiate the JavaScript macro.

Who Should Use the Viewer API

The Viewer API is intended for programmers who want to customize the viewers. It is not intended for server-side application development.

You should also have the following:

The Viewer API supports the following host connections:

Host Type Supported Connection Types
IBM mainframe TN3270
IBM AS/400 TN5250
DEC VAX, Linux, or UNIX Telnet

Common Abbreviations

The following abbreviations and acronyms are used in the Viewer API help:

Abbreviation Term
EAB Extended attribute byte
FCC Field control character
ID Identifier (a generic reference to a station ID, terminal ID, or any other type of client identifier)
LTAI Line transmission activity indicator
OIA Operator information area (status line)
URL Uniform Resource Locator
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