Extended Attributes

The field attributes do not store all of the information about the fields and characters in the presentation space. Additional types of information, called extended character and color attributes, are also kept for each field and character in the presentation space. Each field has an extended attribute byte (EAB) that defines the extended attributes for that field. Extended attributes are returned using the getExtPS method for any of the viewer types.

Extended character attributes define characteristics that apply to the entire field. Extended character attributes control character attributes such as:

Extended color attributes define the foreground and background colors for each character in a field.

Extended Character Attributes

The following table lists all of the possible extended character attributes, and indicates whether or not each attribute applies to a particular viewer type (3270, 5250, or VT).

Attribute Value 3270 5250 VT
Blink Blink X X X
Bold Bold     X
Bright Bright      
Dim Dim      
Double height DoubleHeight     X
Double width DoubleWidth     X
Left column separator LeftColSep   X  
Normal Normal X    
Reverse Reverse X X X
Secure Secure     X
Strikethrough StrikeThrough      
Top/Bottom Top_Bottom     X
Underscore Underscore X X X
Upperscore Upper      

Extended Color Attributes

The following tables list all of the possible foreground and background colors. These colors are applicable to 3270, 5250, and VT viewer types.

Foreground Colors

Following are the valid foreground colors for each viewer type:

FgBlack FgYellow FgDarkCyan
FgBlue FgWhite FgDarkRed
FgGreen FgGray FgDarkMagenta
FgCyan FgDarkBlue FgDarkYellow
FgRed FgDarkGreen FgDarkGray

Background Colors

Following are the valid background colors for each viewer type:

BgBlack BgYellow BgDarkCyan
BgBlue BgWhite BgDarkRed
BgGreen BgGray BgDarkMagenta
BgCyan BgDarkBlue BgDarkYellow
BgRed BgDarkGreen BgDarkGray
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