Setting Background Color or Image

You can select a background color, or an image to be tiled behind any resources in your presentation.

Note If the presentation uses an external header, and the header contains a <body> tag, the attributes of the <body> tag take precedence over any background color or image specified on the Presentation Settings dialog box.
To specify the presentation background color or image
  1. Open your presentation in Presentation Integrator.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Settings.

    The Presentation Settings dialog box appears.

  3. To change the presentation background color, click Select and complete the Choose a Color dialog box.

    Using this dialog box, you can specify a background color using either a color palette, an HSB definition, or an RGB definition.

    If you also specify a background image, the background color will be hidden by the background image unless the background image has transparent areas.

  4. To change the presentation background image, click an image from the Background Image list.


    If the image you want does not appear in this list, click Add, type the location of the GIF or JPEG file in the Image File box (or choose Browse to select the desired file), and then click OK. The image is published to MCS, and the filename appears in the Background Image list.

    Note Since the path to the image file is not retained when it is published to MCS, each image filename must be unique.
  5. Click OK.
    Note When you click OK, the Design View displays the selected background color, but not the background image.
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