What's New in EXTRA! Terminal Viewers

With this release, many requested enhancements have been added, providing a richer feature set to help users become more productive.

Support for Host Authentication via X.509 Certificate from a Smart Card without User Entering UserID/Password

Now you can set up both the host and client computers to allow a session to connect using smart cards and Express Logon. These provide a secure connection to host applications without requiring the user to specify a user name and password when he or she logs on. Smart card and Express Logon support can be configured for EXTRA! X-treme TN3270 sessions and EXTRA! Terminal Viewer IBM Mainframe (TN3270) sessions. The EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition Guide provides a "How-To" to walk you through the process.

Option to Hide the Toolbar in Embedded Viewer

Embedded viewers appear in the right frame of the myAccess Links page. You can now configure embedded viewers to display without the toolbar, if your users won't need it. This provides more space for the working interface.

Auto-generate Macro Code in Embedded Viewer

Based on keystroke and file transfer input from the user, you can now auto-generate macros in an embedded Java client, rather than coding the macro yourself.

Enhanced Password Security for Macros

Instead of recording the user name and password in a macro, the default now is to have the macro prompt the user to enter his or her login credentials. You still have the option of recording the user name and password in the macro if you choose to do so.

Redesigned Directory Services User Interface

The Directory Services user interface has been redesigned, to simplify managing users and groups. You can now create "virtual" groups of users — groups that do not exist in your directory service. This adds flexibility and control to your administrative tasks.

New Rights Management User Interface

You can selectively assign rights to delegate specific administrative tasks.

Allow Passthrough to the Host for Users without Assigned Terminal IDs in Sessions Using ID Management

This version of ID Management in MCS restores the ability to get a generic terminal ID for users without assigned terminal IDs.

Option to Specify a Location for Locally Cached Terminal Viewer Files

Using MCS, you now have the ability to designate the installation destination of any user data files associated with locally cached terminal viewers, such as Connection, Macros, Keyboard Maps, Connection, Macros, Keyboard Maps, and so on. The MCS administrator defines the destination of the files on the client.

Capability to Specify Pasted Data Type Added to Java Viewers

In the Display properties for Java Viewers, you can now edit properties so that you can paste data as Row, Field, or Character Oriented. This capability was already available for ActiveX Viewers.

Sun JRE v. 1.4.2_02 Support

Java Terminal Viewers can use the current Sun JRE.

Option to Print Only a Selected Part of a Screen

When you perform a Print Screen function, you can choose to print either the whole screen or the current selection.

Send Print Jobs without Requiring User Intervention

You can now send a print job without having to click OK from the Print dialog box.

Map Left and Right Instances of Duplicate Keys

The capability to map left and right duplicate keys independently has been added; for example, you can now map the left and right CTRL keys independently.

Ability to Map End of Data Function in Keyboard Remapper

The End of Data function has been added to the keyboard remapper. Assign it to a key to move the cursor to the first available position after existing data in the current field.

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