Assigning Permission to use a License

After you install a license certificate for a particular client application, you can assign permissions to use that certificate. You can grant permissions to all client users — by assigning Anonymous access — or you can grant permissions to specific users or groups from your directory service.

To assign permission to use a license
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click Licensing.

  2. Under Licensing, click Permissions.

    If Permissions does not appear in the tree, no client license certificates have been installed. For information about installing license certificates, see Configuring Licensing.

  3. To assign permissions for a specific client license, select that client license name in the tree.

  4. In the Licensing Permissions page under Authentication Type, select the type of authentication you want to use to control access to the selected client license.

    If you select User name or User name/password, the user directory is displayed.

  5. From the Directory list, select one or more users or groups, and then click Add>> to assign those users to the selected client license.

  6. Click Save to activate your settings.

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