Installing Pre-cached Terminal Viewers

A pre-cached install provides supervised viewers. This type of install places the viewers in your browser's cache to avoid long download times when you access a viewer from the EXTRA! Terminal Viewers server. A supervised viewer install includes all the necessary Java class files, but requires a connection with the EXTRA! Terminal Viewers server to run. This type of install lets administrators set permissions for the client, allowing them to choose the level of control that the end user has of the viewer.

To install Pre-cached Terminal Viewers
  1. Insert the CD labeled Pre-cached Browser-Based Emulation into the CD drive.

    If the setup utility does not run automatically, browse to the CD root directory and double-click autosetup.exe.

  2. Select Install Java Terminal Viewers or Install ActiveX Terminal Viewers.

  3. Select a language.

  4. Follow the prompts until you get to the screen where you select specific clients.

    The prompts vary slightly between Java and ActiveX.

  5. Select the the client you wish to pre-cache.

    The newly installed Terminal or Printer will not function until the end user connects to a Terminal Viewers server.

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