Command-line Options for Installing EXTRA! X-treme

The following table describes the command-line options for installing EXTRA! X-treme, the Connections Pack, or the Options Pack from the command-line or a batch file.

The Microsoft Windows Installer provides a variety of additional command-line options for customizing installations. (For more information, see the Microsoft Windows Installer documentation.)

Option Parameters Description
/a product.msi Administrative installation, copies a product to a network location for later installation by users.
/i product.msi Installs or configures a product.
/j [u|m] product.msi Advertises a product.

u - Advertises to the current user.

m - Advertises to all users of the computer.

Either u or m can be combined with /t to specify user installation in a specific language. For example:

    /ju product.msi /t transforms file

Specify the transforms file for the language in which to display your installation prompts per the following:

Language Transforms File
English 1033.mst
French 1036.mst
German 1031.mst
Italian 1040.mst
Portuguese 1046.mst
Spanish 1034.mst
/l [i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v|x|+|!|*] logfile Specifies the path to the log file and indicates which information to log.

i - Status messages.

w - Nonfatal warnings.

e - All error messages.

a - Start up of actions.

r - Action-specific records.

u - User requests.

c - Initial UI parameters.

m - Out-of-memory or fatal exit information.

o - Out-of-disk-space messages.

p - Terminal properties.

v - Verbose output.

x - Extra debugging information.

+ - Append to existing file.

! - Flush each line to the log.

* - log all information except for verbose output. To include verbose output, use /l*v.

/p patch.msi Applies a patch.

To apply a patch to an installed administrative image, combine /p with /a, as follows:

    /p patch.msi /a product.msi

/q [n|b|r|f] Sets user interface level.

n - Suppresses all installation progress dialog boxes. Use to perform an unattended (silent) user installation.

b - Displays only a basic installation user interface.

qb+ Displays the Finish dialog box.
qb- Hides all modal dialog boxes.
qb! Hides the Cancel button.
  • The + or - option must appear before the ! option when typing the command, for example:
    1. qb+!

  • The ! option is available with Windows Installer version 2.0, and works only with basic UI.

r - Displays a reduced user interface, without a Finish dialog box.

f - Displays all of the installation dialog boxes, including the finish dialog box.

When you install from the command-line, you can append properties that change default values for options in the installation. For more information, see Properties in the EXTRA! X-treme MSI File.


The following command starts an installation of the EXTRA! X-treme client in a Windows XP environment with installation progress messages suppressed, and the user data location set to the Program Files directory.

    msiexec /i path/ATMEE80.MSI /qn USERDATALOCATIONMIN=Legacy
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