Setting up an Advertised Installation

When you advertise EXTRA! X-treme to users, shortcuts appear on the Start menu but EXTRA! is not actually installed until a user clicks a shortcut. After the application is installed, it starts automatically. This is similar to assigning an application with the Microsoft Group Policies feature.

You cannot advertise the Connections Pack or Options Pack but they can be assigned with Group Policies. For more information about Group Policies, see Installing EXTRA! X-treme Through Group Policy.

To advertise EXTRA! to users
  1. Insert the product CD.

  2. At the command prompt or the Start menu Run command, type:

    msiexec /jm drive:\EXTRA!\ATMEE80.MSI /t transforms file

    This command advertises EXTRA! X-treme to all users of the computer.

    To display installation prompts in
    Use this transforms file
    English 1033.mst
    French 1036.mst
    German 1031.mst
    Italian 1040.mst
    Portuguese 1046.mst
    Spanish 1034.mst

    If you do not specify a transform file, the installation dialog boxes are displayed in English.

    If you want to install only some of the available languages, you can edit the .msi file. For a list of languages, see the topic Command-line Options for Installing EXTRA! X-treme.

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