Preparing an Administrative Installation of EXTRA! X-treme

The system administrator can make EXTRA! X-treme and the Options and Connections Packs available for installation from a network location, referred to as an administrative installation, after which users can perform the installation by running either the appropriate .msi file or a Windows batch file that has been created for that purpose.

To copy EXTRA! X-treme to a network location for installation by users
  1. Insert the product CD.

  2. At the command prompt or the Start menu Run command, type the following:

    msiexec /a path\filename TRANSFORMS=transforms file

    To install
    From this CD
    Use this path and filename
    EXTRA! X-treme Full-featured Emulation CD root\Attachmate\EXTRA!\ATMEE80.MSI
    EXTRA! X-treme Connections Full-featured Emulation Options CD root\EXTRA!ConnPack\EXTRA!_Conn_Pack\EE80CPAK.MSI
    EXTRA! X-treme Options Full-featured Emulation Options CD root\EXTRA!OptPack\EXTRA!_Option_Pack\EE80OPAK.MSI
    To display installation prompts in
    Use this transforms file
    English 1033.mst
    French 1036.mst
    German 1031.mst
    Italian 1040.mst
    Portuguese 1046.mst
    Spanish 1034.mst

    When the installation runs, you will be prompted to specify a network location. You should specify the same location for all components.

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