To configure a session and deploy it to users on your network.


Using EXTRA! Terminal Viewers, you create a viewer configuration with the New Configuration Wizard. When you are finished, a presentation is automatically created for you. Using Presentation Manager, you assign users and activate the presentation, then you can deploy the presentation by sending a direct URL, or your users can access the myAccess Links page for all of their assigned presentations.

To deploy viewer configurations within presentations, you use these components:

Before You Start

This How-To assumes that you can access an MCS server on which the EXTRA! management components have been installed, and that you have a network of users available to MCS directory services for assignment to presentations.


Following are the main steps you need to complete for this How-To:

  1. Create a viewer configuration.

  2. Assign users to your presentation and activate it.

  3. Provide your users with access to a presentation.