Deploy Your Presentation

You can deploy presentations by sending a URL to end users. This URL can either open a presentation directly, or you can send the URL for the myAccess Links page where users can access all presentations that have been assigned to them.

To deploy a presentation
  1. Send the correct URL to your end users.

    The variables in the URLs below include the name of the MCS server and its port, the presentation name, and the locale specifier (en for English).

    The required port number for secure access is defined on the MCS Security Services page.

    To provide
    Send this URL
    Access to the myAccess Links page http://server_name:port_number/mcs/pbclient
    Secure access to the myAccess Links page https://server_name:port_number/mcs/pbclient
    Note To make the following long URLs fit in this browser window, we've added some artificial spaces. If you copy and paste them, remove the spaces. Also, if your presentation name has spaces in it, you must replace these spaces with the + character.

    For example, My Host Application must be entered as My+Host+Application.

    Direct access to a presentation http://server_name:port_number/mcs/uibroker?SERVICEID=AtmClientUIService&METHODNAME= openChannel&ACTIONITEMS=locale;presentation_name
    Direct, pre-authenticated
    access to a presentation
    http://user_name:password@server_name/mcs/uibroker?SERVICEID=AtmClientUIService&METHODNAME= openChannelAutoLogin&ACTIONITEMS=locale;presentation_name
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