Creating a Viewer Configuration

You can use Terminal Viewers to create and manage Java terminals, ActiveX terminals, HotGUI terminals, file transfer tools, host printers, Terminal Layouts, and Host Graphics configurations for distribution to users over an intranet or the Internet.

To configure a terminal viewer
  1. Run MCS.

  2. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Terminal Viewers.

  3. In the Terminal Viewers tree, choose a host type.

    The configuration types you can configure for the selected host type appear.

  4. If necessary, click Plus sign next to a configuration type to further expand the list of configuration types.

  5. Choose a configuration type.

  6. On the Configuration List page, click New Configuration.

  7. Complete the New Configuration wizard.

    Note The host alias/IP address (on the Connection Properties page) is required; all other fields contain default settings that can be used on most systems.

    When you have finished creating a host access configuration, a presentation is automatically created and stored in Presentation Manager.