To log in to the Management & Control Services (MCS) console for the first time and set up access rights for specific user accounts.


You access the MCS console for the first time using the "system" account and the password that was entered during the MCS installation. For subsequent access, you assign console access rights to one or more users in the directory service.

Using your Web browser, you can access the MCS console either locally, from the server on which it is installed, or remotely, from a networked computer. You must use one of the supported Web browsers.

Before You Start

This How-To assumes that you have administrative privileges and know the password that was entered for the "system" account during MCS installation.


Following are the main steps you need to complete for this How-To:

  1. Log in for the first time.

  2. Select a directory service.

  3. Add users and groups to the directory service.

  4. Set the authentication type for accessing the console.

  5. Grant rights to access the MCS console.