To configure a session and deploy it to users on your network.


Using EXTRA! X-treme MCS Administrator's Edition, you configure a session and then publish the configuration files to MCS. From there, you can assign the session to users. If a user has enabled centralized management, when he or she starts EXTRA! and logs on to MCS, the session configuration file downloads to his or her computer.

To deploy session configurations, you use these components:

Before You Start

This How-To assumes that you have installed and configured the EXTRA! X-treme MCS Administrator's Edition, and that you can access an MCS server on which the EXTRA! X-treme management components have been installed.

You must also have a network of users configured to use centralized management. For them to access the deployed session, they must be logged in to MCS.


Following are the main steps you need to complete for this How-To:

  1. Create a session configuration.

  2. Publish your session configuration to MCS.

  3. Assign users to your session configuration.