Adding a Session to a Presentation

You can create a default presentation based on a configured EXTRA! session, and then assign that presentation to users, with just a few mouse clicks in MCS. With Presentation Integrator, you can open that presentation and customize it to include your logo or other resources such as Terminal Viewers. For more information about customizing and deploying presentations, see the Related Topics.

You can embed your session in the browser window, or make it appear as a typical, stand-alone session window operating entirely separate from the browser. If embedded, users can toggle the Maximize button to expand the browser window, hiding the myAccess Links frame while they work, then showing it again if they want to select another presentation.

When a user logs on to the myAccess Links page, his or her credentials are passed to the EXTRA! session, so additional authentication is not required.

To add an EXTRA! session to a presentation
  1. Configure an EXTRA! session.

  2. Publish your session to MCS.

  3. From Configuration Manager in MCS, select the session.

  4. Click the New Presentation button in the lower right corner.

  5. Provide a name and, optionally, a description.

    The description you add here will appear next to the presentation name in the Presentation Manager list of presentations.

  6. Choose how you want to display the presentation. (By default, the presentation will be embedded in the myAccess Links page.)
    Do this
    Open the session in a typical EXTRA! window Select the Run in Separate Window check box.
    Display the presentation in the right frame, and the myAccess Links page in the left frame of the browser window Clear the Run In Separate Window check box.
  7. From Presentation Manager in MCS, assign the new presentation to users and activate it.

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