Overview: Distributing Installations and Patches

An administrator can use the Distribution Manager to control distribution of EXTRA! X-treme installations and patches from MCS. After a Windows Installer file (.MSI, .MS, or .MST) is uploaded from the client to MCS using the Distribution Publisher utility, the administrator can use the New Distribution wizard to create a distribution.

You can also get predefined distributions by installing distributable .MSI files from the EXTRA! Emulation Options CD when you install MCS. For details, see the Installation section.

A distribution contains information about the product installation or patch, such as the name of the Windows Installer file, the product version, the access code, and whether a patch will be automatically downloaded to the user. The Distribution Manager is also used to copy, rename, delete, or edit a distribution.

In addition to EXTRA! X-treme installations and patches, Distribution Manager can be used to distribute an executable file published to MCS by the Distribution Publisher utility.

How Users Access Distributions

End users on your network can download distributed files by accessing the Products and Updates page. You can send them the URL (http://servername:portnumber/mcs/distribute), or they can choose Update EXTRA! X-treme from the Help menu when they have an open EXTRA! session.

From the Products and Updates page, users can see which distributions have been assigned to them, and they can install or remove installations, install patches, or run executables, depending on the type of distribution.

For executable distributions, clicking on Run results in the file downloading to the client and executing. The .exe file will be saved to the following location:

drive_letter\Documents  and Settings\Attachmate\Documents\filename_without_extension\

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