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Attachmate EXTRA! Terminal Viewers Overview

Terminal Viewers allows you to provide secure access to host applications through a Web-based client interface. Terminal Viewers is installed as a component of Management and Control Services (MCS), which allows you to take advantage of common MCS functionality, such as directory services for managing users and groups. In addition, you can access and manage all host access configurations either locally or from a remote machine, and provide users and groups access to those configurations.

You can use Terminal Viewers to create and manage Java terminals, ActiveX terminals, HotGUI terminals, file transfer tools, host printers, Terminal Layouts, and Host Graphics configurations for distribution to users over an intranet or the Internet.

Presentation Manager and Presentation Integrator

When you finish creating a configuration with Terminal Viewers, a default presentation is automatically created for you. It is the presentation that you assign and deploy to users. You can also set permissions to allow users to modify and save changes to configuration properties (such as display and keyboard remapper settings).

Using Presentation Manager, you can assign presentations to users or groups, activate presentations, and configure user authentication. Presentation Manager runs within MCS and is installed automatically when you install any viewer.

Using Presentation Integrator (which runs within Attachmate Designer Studio, you can customize presentations, adding text, graphics, colors, headers, and footers, and specifying whether the viewer appears in a secondary window or if its embedded within the presentation. You can also use Presentation Integrator to combine multiple configurations into a single presentation, or combine configurations with other Web-based documents. (Installation of Presentation Integrator is optional and only for Windows.)

More Information

For important notices, known limitations, and/or late-breaking information that supplements the documentation for components provided with this release of EXTRA!, refer to the following release notes (which are also available after installation):

  • EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition — Delivers enterprise applications from a variety of host systems to Windows desktops across virtually any network.
    Release Notes

  • EXTRA! Terminal Viewers: Java Clients — Provides secure access to host applications through a Java-based client interface.
    Release Notes

  • EXTRA! Terminal Viewers: ActiveX Clients — Provides secure access to host applications through a ActiveX-based client interface.
    Release Notes

  • EXTRA! Terminal Viewers: Express Clients — Provides secure access to host applications through a smaller, quicker to download, Java-based client interface.
    Release Notes

  • MCS — Provides centralized management and configuration of compatible Attachmate components.
    Release Notes