Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme Options Pack
Version 8

Release Notes
July 2004


This file contains late-breaking information about this release of Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme Options Pack. The Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme Options Pack provides 16-bit APIs, encryption, and keyboard driver updates. For details on the full EXTRA! X-treme v. 8, see readme_extra.htm.

For information about the Connections Pack for EXTRA! X-treme v. 8, visit our support Web site at

Windows 2000 and Windows XP Certification

The EXTRA! X-treme Options Pack has not been submitted for Windows 2000 certification or Windows XP certification.

Shared Folders

Shared Folders and Windows 98

Shared Folders is not currently supported for Windows 98.

Shared Folders and Windows 2000

Under Windows 2000, due to system security policies, restricted users cannot disconnect a Shared Folder drive. Attempting to do so results in an "Access denied" error message, and the drive becomes inaccessible or unusable, although it is still visible. Also, if the restricted user logs off and then logs on again, all drives that were mapped before the user logged off become inaccessible.

The following options are available for restricted users:

Keyboard Drivers

You will find additional keyboard drivers in the Keyboard_Drivers folder of the CD. These keyboard drivers do not have the Windows XP logo.

Using FTP

Note To use FTP to transfer files, you must be able to make a TCP/IP connection and your host must have an FTP server. Before you begin, you must know the name or IP address of the host to which you want to connect.

Pathway Personal FTP Server

Pathing for the Pathway Personal FTP Server v. 6.4 always uses UNIX syntax, even when it is installed on a Windows-based server. The command line may not be in synch with the displayed file tree, so graphical UI may not reflect the current working directory.

File Transfer Settings

When prompted for File Transfer Settings because Prompt for Transfer Options is selected, file transfer cannot be stopped using the Cancel button.

Save Session and Save Session As

Save Session (CTRL+S) retains, by default, the filename from the last Save Session As, regardless of session changes made in either Connection Name drop-down list box. Care must be taken not to accidentally overwrite saved connections.

Copying Text

Up to 250 lines of text can be copied from the Session Window (real time trace window) using CTRL+C (Copy) and CTRL+V (Paste).

Installation in a Restricted/Limited User Environment

During an installation in a restricted/limited user environment, when accessing the Attachmate FTP FileTransfer Install from the Enterprise Options setup panel, the Windows Run-As dialog box does not display to give the administrator an opportunity to install the product.

The workaround is to navigate to the \ATM_FileTransfer subdirectory on EXTRA! CD2 and run the setup.exe program from there.

Restoring Sessions after Upgrading

After upgrading Attachmate FTP File Transfer, lost sessions can be easily restored. To restore any lost sessions, copy the .ftconfig and .ftsession files from the \Program Files\Attachmate\FileTransfer directory to My Documents\Attachmate\FileTransfer\Sessions.