Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme Connections Pack
Version 8

Release Notes
July 2004


This file contains late-breaking information about this release of Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme Connections Pack. The Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme Connections Pack provides access for infrequently-used connectors such as Coax, SDLC, and Twinax. For details on the full EXTRA! X-treme v. 8, see readme_extra.htm.

For information about the Connections Pack for EXTRA! X-treme v. 8, visit our support Web site at

Windows 2000 and Windows XP Certification

The EXTRA! X-treme Connections Pack has not been submitted for Windows 2000 certification or Windows XP certification.

The IRMA Twinax PCI Adapter Driver under Windows 98

Note The IRMA Twinax PCI Adapter driver currently being shipped with EXTRA! Enterprise Connections causes a blue screen when trying to make a connection under Windows 98. YOU MUST REPLACE THE ADAPTER WITH A NEWER VERSION.
To upgrade the IRMA Twinax PCI adapter driver
  1. Delete the file that contains the reference to the older cem5250.inf (in the win98\inf directory or in the Windows default directory).

  2. Delete the current twinax device adapter with the Device Manager accessed from the Control Panel.

  3. From the following Perle Web site, select the link to steps411.exe and download this file to a temporary directory:

  4. Unpack steps411.exe by running it in a temporary directory, then run setup.exe.

  5. Reboot.

    The Windows 98 Hardware wizard automatically finds the Twinax adapter when rebooting. It then prompts you for information to locate the correct drivers for the adapter.

  6. Browse to the temporary directory (where you unpacked the file steps411.exe) that contains the new drivers.

    The Hardware wizard finishes installing the new drivers.

  7. This file
    Does this
    dcfg5250.exe Displays current configuration information and provides instructions for configuring an adapter.
    pciset.exe Configures a PCI adapter.
    pcicfg.exe Displays a PCI adapter configuration.

Connectivities Now Available for Custom Installation

The following connectivities are now provided as Custom installation choices in EXTRA! X-treme. They are not supported by Attachmate Technical Support and are not part of a Typical Installation. To install one or more of the following connectivities, choose to perform a Custom Installation, and then select the desired connectivity(ies) from the Custom Connectivities list.

Market demand has fallen for certain legacy connectivity types; therefore, Attachmate plans to retire support for these as future releases of EXTRA! are made available. If you need assistance migrating to more modern host access solutions, please contact your Attachmate sales representative, or visit our Web site at