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Server Settings: Click this link to display the Presentation Manager Server Settings dialog box, from which you can configure settings that affect all presentations on this server.

Presentation list: Display a list of all of the presentations that have been published to Management & Control Services (MCS) using Enterprise Managers, Presentation Designer, Presentation Integrator, or Terminal Viewers.

This field
Does this
Name Displays the name of the presentation.
Status Indicates whether the presentation has been activated.
Assigned Indicates whether users have been assigned to the presentation. (The presentation must have users assigned to it and must be active to be accessed by users.)
Description Displays the (optional) description of the presentation specified when the presentation was created or published.

You can sort this list by clicking any of the column headings, and change the order of the sort by clicking the heading again. For example, to sort all of the presentations by status, you would click the Status column heading. Clicking the column heading again reverses the order of the sort.

Activate: Click to activate or deactivate the selected presentation.

Assign Users: Click to assign users to the selected presentation.

Properties: Click to view the name, owner, and description of this presentation, the resources assigned to this presentation, and information about how the resources are displayed.

You can view but not change this information using Presentation Manager. (Presentation properties can only be changed using Presentation Integrator.)

Copy: Click this button to copy the selected presentation.

Rename: Click this button to rename the selected presentation.

Delete: Click this button to delete the selected presentation.

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