Installation and Requirements
Setting Up Centralized Management
Managing EXTRA! X-treme
    Creating Configuration Files
    Creating a Configuration Package
    Publishing Configuration Files
    Automatically Updating Configuration Files
    Authenticating Managed Clients
    Distributing Installations and Patches, Overview
    Distributing Installations and Patches
    Publishing Installations and Patches
    Assigning a Configuration or Distribution to Users
    Adding Sessions to a Portal
    Administrative Tools
       Viewing Keystroke Savings
       Auto-loading Session Files with Group Policies
       Disabling Client Features with Group Policies
       Disabling Client Features with the Security Editor
       Editing Host Code Pages
       Scheduling Events with NiteApps
       Sending Commands to an AS/400 Host without a Display Session
       APPN End Node Support, Overview
    Configuring FTP File Transfer Clients
Managing Terminal Viewers
Deploying Clients in Presentations
Managing MCS Servers and Clusters
Monitoring Application Activity
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