Attachmate EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition Overview

Using EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition, you can create a complete range of host access solutions, from traditional thick-client emulation to multi-host custom applications. EXTRA! provides software components that can be combined to create everything from classic "green screen" to fully customized Enterprise Presentation Integration (EPI) solutions. You choose how and when you incorporate web-based approaches with traditional desktop access.

EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition is designed for deployment within the enterprise and is licensed on a per-device basis (such as a personal computer). This means that each licensed-client device can use any or all of the different types of presentation solutions that you can create with EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition. A given licensed-client-device user may use thick, thin, and custom applications, making it easy to mix-and-match different approaches, and to migrate users from established to novel EPI solutions. Refer to the Attachmate Software License Agreement that is provided in the EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition product package for more details.

EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition includes several components, such as Presentation Builder and Smart Connectors, which are provided on separate CDs. See the documentation on those CDs for information about those components. This guide describes the emulation services available in EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition.

Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme

Using EXTRA! X-treme, users can run host applications, transfer files, and integrate data into other Windows applications. This application's navigational, scripting, and scheduling tools simplify interaction with host applications, thereby streamlining the tasks that users must perform. EXTRA! X-treme includes a Web-based server application that runs within Management & Control Services (MCS). Using this application, you can centrally store and manage EXTRA! X-treme configurations in MCS, and distribute EXTRA! installations and patches from MCS to end users.

Attachmate Terminal Viewers

Terminal Viewers is a Web-based server application that runs within Management & Control Services (MCS). Using Terminal Viewers, you can provide terminal and host printer emulation via a Web browser, thus eliminating the need to install any software on the clients. Each configured client can then be assigned to users or groups (as a presentation), and accessed by users with a Web browser. Terminal Viewers provides a wide range of downloadable clients with varying levels of feature-richness to meet a variety of business requirements.

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