What's New in EXTRA! X-treme

With this release, EXTRA! X-treme becomes more like the Windows applications that you use every day, such as the browser and office applications. It also provides powerful customization for how your users will access both the application and the sessions you've configured for them.

Advanced Productivity

A variety of new enhancements have been added to improve end-user productivity, including Spell Check, Auto-Complete, and Auto Expand. These features improve accuracy and efficiency for users working with host applications. The user interface now includes a convenient scratch pad for taking notes, and a History list showing recently visited host screens that you can page back and forward through.

Custom Installation Wizard

This new utility walks an administrator through the process of creating custom installations of EXTRA! X-treme to meet the specific needs of an end-user or groups of end-users. For example, you can shield end-users from the complexity of installing EXTRA! X-treme by creating a custom installation that automatically inputs the required access code to install the product, as well as modifies the install location so users don't have to. In addition, you can add EXTRA! X-treme configuration files (sessions, printers, and so on) to the custom install that connects the end-user to their host applications.

Integrating EXTRA! Sessions with Portals and other Web Pages

You can integrate EXTRA! X-treme sessions with portals and other Web pages so that computers that have EXTRA! installed can access host sessions in a Web-based environment. Sessions can be made to load within the browser window, or as a separate application window. Custom scripts integrate fully with the session, enabling you to interact with the session programmatically.

Smart Card/Single Sign On for TN3270

Single sign on via TN3270 Express Logon Feature (ELF) with smart card allows users to automatically log on to host sessions securely using industry standard smart card solutions to simplify user authentication and prevent unauthorized captures of passwords over networks.

ID Manager for TN3270 AND TN5250

When used in conjunction with EXTRA! server-based components, allows the administrator to centrally manage access to host resources (terminal and printer sessions), as well as dynamically allocate these resources based on a user's name, DNS name, IP address, or address pool.

Windows 2003 Server Support

EXTRA! X-treme now supports the Windows Server 2003 operating system.

Windows 2003 Server Terminal Services Support

EXTRA! X-treme supports the server-based Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services platform.

Tandem 6530 Support via add-on CD

This EXTRA! X-treme add-on CD (available separately) installs Tandem 6530 support to allow EXTRA! X-treme to emulate Tandem 6530 terminals, providing connections to Tandem mainframe systems.

Standalone Java FTP

Enable SSL/TLS-based encryption for the FTP data stream in the Attachmate FTP File Transfer component for FTP servers that support SSL/TLS, such as mainframe and AS/400 systems.

Custom User Data Locations

A custom directory for user data can be specified from the installer U/I and in the MSI file. These values can be set for silent and command line installations.

Undo Functionality

EXTRA! X-treme now supports the Undo command when editing in a display session. This functionality is supported for 3270 and 5250 only.

Show Host Name on the TaskBar Icon when Session is Minimized

Displays the Host Name of all host types and connectivities on the taskbar for easy recognition.

Word Wrap in Data Entry

Allows normal word wrap functionality within a multi-line field for 3270 sessions.

Client side SSL Certificate Support

Client Authentication with certificates is now supported.

Distributing Executables from MCS

Using Distribution Manager within MCS, the EXTRA! administrator can distribute any executable file, not just EXTRA! installations and patches.

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