Uninstalling MCS and Management Components in UNIX

The following procedure explains how to uninstall Management & Control Services (MCS) and management components in a UNIX environment.

To uninstall MCS and management components
  1. If you want to preserve configuration data for a subsequent reinstallation, save the ../mcs/WEB-INF/data directory and all subdirectories to a backup location.

  2. Stop the application server software if it is currently running.

    If you're using the Attachmate HTTP engine, run shutdown.sh, located in the /opt/Attachmate/HTTPengine/bin directory.

  3. Remove the Attachmate directory, by default /opt/Attachmate.
    Note After installing a new version, you can copy the /mcs/data directory saved from the previous install and replace the new data directory.

    You must do a copy and replace, not a move, to use the configuration data.

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