Overview: Installing EXTRA! X-treme

EXTRA! X-treme can be installed in any of six languages on Windows computers, either from the CD or from a network location. System administrators can customize the installation to suit organizational requirements.

The following procedures are available from both the Getting Started Guide and the Product Guide. Additional installation instructions for system administrators can be found in the Product Guide, which is available only in English.

Note Before you can install EXTRA! X-treme, you must have the Microsoft Windows Installer Service installed on your computer. This service is included with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. If you use Windows NT and do not already have this service installed on your computer, you can install the version that is shipped on the EXTRA! X-treme Options CD. At the installation start screen, click Install EXTRA! Options and Connections. After selecting a language, click Microsoft.
Note The option This Feature will be Installed When Required, which appears in the installation user interface if you choose a custom setup, is not supported in this version of EXTRA! X-treme.
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