Overview: Customizing the EXTRA! X-treme Installation

EXTRA! X-treme and the Options and Connections packs are installed using the Microsoft Windows Installer Service (msiexec.exe). Installations for products that use this service are defined in .msi files. You can use the Custom Installation Wizard to edit the default values in the EXTRA! .msi files. Editing an .msi file in this way creates a new, compressed, .msi file and a transform file (.mst), which is included when EXTRA! X-treme is installed from the command-line:

msiexec -i new.msi TRANSFORMS=filename.mst /qb

Note The original .msi file will not be overwritten. If a new compressed .msi file is needed—as is the case when files are added—then a new .msi file name will be requested and a new .msi file created.

Whether you need to have your EXTRA! X-treme installer follow corporate packaging standards, automate user inputs, or modify properties (such as application shortcuts), the Custom Installation Wizard lets you customize installation settings by creating a transform (.mst) file or a compressed .msi file that changes the default installation options.

The Custom Installation wizard is installed when you install EXTRA! X-treme with administrative options. When you customize the .msi file, you can:

Note The Microsoft Windows Installer Service is already present on computers running Windows 2000 or Windows XP. For your convenience, Attachmate has included the Windows Installer for other operating systems on the EXTRA! Emulation Options CD. If you need to install or update your installation of the Microsoft Windows Installer Service, click Install EXTRA! Options and Connections, and then click Microsoft.

If you are using a tool other than the Custom Installation Wizard to transform your EXTRA! X-treme .msi files, see the Properties in the EXTRA! X-treme MSI File related topic for help.

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