EXTRA! X-treme Client Components

The following table describes the available installation options for client computers, depending on your access code. EXTRA! X-treme must be installed before you can install EXTRA! X-treme Options, EXTRA! X-treme Connections, or Tandem emulation.

From the CD labeled You can install Description
EXTRA! Emulation EXTRA! X-treme EXTRA! X-treme client, which provides access to IBM mainframe, AS/400, VAX/VMS, UNIX, or other asynchronous host applications, using the following connection types:

and includes the new productivity features: spell-checker, auto-complete, auto-expand, history, and scratch pads.

EXTRA! X-treme MCS Administrator's Edition (includes centralized management tools) EXTRA! X-treme client with the new productivity features and the components you'll need to publish configurations and distributions to MCS.
EXTRA! Emulation Options EXTRA! X-treme Options Tools to provide AS/400 file sharing (so that you can navigate through AS/400 objects using standard Windows applications such as Windows Explorer), API access to 16-bit HLLAPI and APPC applications, additional keyboard drivers, and support for the CASL macro language.
EXTRA! X-treme Connections The following additional connection types:

Attachmate FTP File Transfer A utility with a Windows Explorer-like interface that you can use to move or copy files between computers. Attachmate File Transfer also provides an FTP command line interface for users who are familiar with FTP commands, or require more sophisticated file transfer capabilities.
Installer Service for Restricted Users A service that lets restricted users install Attachmate products and patches from Management & Control Services (MCS) and access the myAccess Links page.
Note This secure service installs only Attachmate products or products signed by an administrator and uploaded using the MCS Distribution Publisher.
Microsoft Client for SNA Server The necessary support for Microsoft SNA Server connections. Click Install EXTRA! Options and Connections, and then click Microsoft.
Windows Installer 2.0 for operating system An application installation and management service (versions are included for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows 9x). Click Install EXTRA! Options and Connections, and then click Microsoft.
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit A requirement for using EXTRA! features that allow you to generate and run EXTRA! Basic macros that access Web services. Click Install EXTRA! Options and Connections, and then click Microsoft.
Note Windows Installer 2.0 is required to install Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0.
6530 Client Option EXTRA! 6530 Client Option Support for Tandem emulation within EXTRA! X-treme.
Note This CD must be ordered from your Attachmate sales representative, separately.
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