To set up host access IDs so that you can use a single session configuration file for multiple clients to establish multiple sessions with a host. Applies to 3270, UTS, and T27 Terminal Viewers.


Use MCS to create pools of host access IDs and then assign them to viewer session configurations. When a viewer session is started, it gets its ID from Management & Control Services (MCS) and uses the ID to connect to the host. MCS keeps track of the IDs that are in use. If all the IDs assigned to a pool are in use, no other host sessions can be opened through that pool.

To use ID management with Terminal Viewers, you use the following components:

Before You Start

You need to decide which of several types of ID pools to use. The type of pool you select depends on how you want to control access to the host. For more information, see the topic Configuring ID Pools.

You must set up your directory service in MCS before you can create ID pools based on user names. In addition, depending on your host type, the IDs you create in MCS may need to map to existing IDs on the host.


Following are the main steps you need to complete for this How-To:

  1. Create pools of IDs.

  2. Assign IDs to pools.

  3. Create a session configuration that obtains its ID from MCS.