Creating ID Pools

The first step in setting up ID management is to create a pool of host access IDs.

To create a pool of IDs
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click ID Management.

  2. Under ID Management, click Configure IDs.

  3. In the MCS right pane, in the pool tree, select either All IDs or an existing pool type, right-click to display the shortcut menu, and click New Pool.

    The Pool Creation series of pages guides you through creating a new pool. For detailed information about options on any of these pages, including a description of each pool type, click Help.

  4. From the New Pool page under Pool Type, select Named Pool, and then type a name for your pool.
    Note Pool names cannot contain spaces.
  5. Specify inactivity and lease timeout values. Timeout values apply to all IDs in the pool.
    Note For Terminal Viewer sessions, activity is detected only when data is transmitted. If the IDs in a pool include IDs that will be used by a printer applet, you should set the inactivity timeout to 0 or no value because printer applets typically receive but do not transmit data. Otherwise, the printer applet connection will always be automatically closed after the specified time elapses.

    For more information about timeout values and reclaiming IDs, see Monitoring Host Access ID Usage.

  6. Click Next to add IDs to the pool.