Configuring an EXTRA! Session that Obtains its ID from MCS

In this procedure, a TN3270 session is used as an example.

To create a session configuration that obtains its ID from MCS
  1. In an open EXTRA! X-treme session that has been configured to use a TN3270 connection, from the Options menu, choose Settings.

  2. From the Settings dialog box, click Connection, and then click the Advanced tab.

  3. From the Advanced page, select Use ID Management, and then click Configure ID Management.

    For TN3270 display sessions, the option Use ID Management is available only when Use TN3270E When Supported is also selected.

  4. Complete the Configure ID Management dialog box:
    For this setting
    Do this
    Host URL Specify the location of the MCS server from which you'll obtain an ID.

    Include the port number when you specify an MCS server address as follows:


    User Name If you use a User Name pool, specify your MCS user name.
    Under Get ID From Select a pool type.
    Named Pool Specify the name of a pool that has been configured on MCS.
  5. Click OK to close the Configure ID Management dialog box.

  6. Click OK to close the Settings dialog box.

  7. Save your session.

    The next time you start the session, it will get an ID from MCS and use it to connect to the host.

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