Overview: Adding Sessions to a Portal

You can integrate EXTRA! sessions with portals and other Web pages so those computers that have EXTRA! X-treme installed can access the session in a Web-based environment. There are two ways to add EXTRA! sessions to a portal: one is through a presentation; the other is through the ActiveX control.

Adding Sessions to a Presentation

You can create a default presentation based on a configured session, and then assign that presentation to users with just a few mouse clicks in MCS. With Presentation Integrator, you can open that presentation and customize it to include your logo or other resources such as Terminal Viewers For details, see the topic, Adding a Session to a Presentation.

Integrating EXTRA! Sessions with Portals and other Web pages

EXTRA! X-treme installs with a small ActiveX control (referred to as the "launcher control"). If you have an existing portal to which you would like to add a session, you can call this control from the HTML code in your portal. The control opens EXTRA! X-treme and displays it in the portal (or, if you choose to do so, opens a new browser window and displays it there). You can define the basic behavior of this ActiveX control by setting its properties in a JavaScript added to the code in your Web page.

Scripting Integrated EXTRA! Sessions

By using the launcher control's session property and scripting, you can access the automation interfaces for EXTRA! X-treme. For example, if the launcher control's <OBJECT> name is "launcher," the following JavaScript sets the session's connected state to false (disconnects the session):


The following JavaScript sends text to the screen:

scrn = launcher.session.Screen();

A full description of the session object and all of its sub-objects is available in the Help installed with the EXTRA! X-treme client application in the following location:


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