Overview: Managing EXTRA! X-treme

Using the enterprise managers that install into Management & Control Services (MCS), you can manage and synchronize configuration files, and distribute client installations and patches. Before using these tools, read the Setting Up Centralized Management section, create an MCS user account, and assign rights to that account.

Distributing and Updating Configurations and Installations

Using MCS, you can centrally store and manage host session configurations, as well as distribute EXTRA! X-treme installations and patches. By assigning users (and groups) to configurations, you automatically update the configuration files on users' computers to ensure that each user has the most recent configurations.

To create host session configurations (or other configuration files, such as macros or toolbars), install the EXTRA! X-treme MCS Administrator's Edition. This edition is the same as the standard version, except that it includes publishing tools for uploading configuration and distribution files to MCS, and the Custom Installation wizard.

From a computer with the MCS Administrator's Edition installed, you can create configurations (including sessions, macros, and other configuration files) and publish them to MCS. Then you can access the MCS console, either at the server, or remotely through a browser, and distribute these configurations throughout your network.

Clients and Centralized Management

The ability to run EXTRA! sessions is not dependent upon successful communication with the MCS server. If files cannot be downloaded because centralized management has been disabled on the workstation, or if MCS is otherwise unavailable, the user can choose from a list of local session files.

An administrator may require users to log on to MCS to activate their copy of the product the first time they use it by selecting, during installation of EXTRA! X-treme, the option, Require Product Activation on First Use. In this case, the user must log on to MCS successfully once before working with local files.

For more information about how EXTRA! X-treme clients interact with MCS, see Automatically Updating Configuration Files.

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