Automatically Updating Configuration Files

In addition to the set of configuration files published by the administrator, MCS maintains a separate file area for each individual user. If a user makes changes to a configuration file on a workstation, EXTRA! uploads the altered file to that user's area on MCS when the user exits EXTRA!.

If the configuration files are assigned to the user by the MCS administrator, MCS automatically updates the files as described in the following sections.

Starting EXTRA!

When a user starts EXTRA!, he or she is prompted for a user ID and password to log on to MCS. Once these are provided, MCS checks the timestamps of configuration files in the following three areas, comparing identically-named files to determine which file was changed most recently:

If the most recent configuration file is located
This occurs
On the user's workstation The file on the workstation is left "as is."
In the individual user's area on the MCS server That file is copied to the workstation, overwriting the older file there.
In the administrator's area on the MCS server The administrator's version of the file is copied to the workstation, overwriting the older file there.
In the individual user's area on the MCS server but not on the user's workstation That file is copied to the workstation.
Note When a new file is published to the MCS server and assigned to the user, it is copied to the user's workstation.

Exiting EXTRA! Sessions

When the user exits an EXTRA! session, the following applies:

As a result, the user always has the most current version of a configuration file, and in the event that he or she moves to another workstation, the configuration files will be downloaded and available on it.

Note If the administrator changes a configuration file, the newly-changed file will overwrite any user-modified copies of the file on the workstation and in the user's area on the MCS server. To prevent modifications from being overwritten, the user must save the modified configuration file with a different filename.
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